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Post Date: Sep. 01, 2017

Julianna is excelling at Cambridge.  When she joined, they reviewed her learning style and interests and the staff developed a plan that will set her up for success at college or university.  The teachers are very supportive and we work together as a team.  I'm very pleased and Julianna is getting good grades and having fun a the same time.  This is the place for her!

Sue Indrigo

We moved from Whitby to Ajax and Rida spent the entire 7th grade in a public school in Ajax. Rida found it difficult adjusting to her new school. She was not satisfied with the lack of interest from the teachers, teaching methods and the non-academic environment among the children. We finally decided that she requires a better institution that fulfills her academic needs and fosters an environment for growth.

 We searched for private schools and institutions in Ajax and decided CCIA will be a good choice. We visited the school and finalized our decision.
 We have seen various changes in Rida during this short period of time; her studying habits have improved, she is positive with her work challenges and is very keen to work hard.  
 We are pleased with this school because the small class sizes allow teachers to focus on each and every student and their specific needs. The teachers have been great and administrative staff are friendly and cooperative.

Every day I feel that there is noticeable progress in her academic capabilities as well as social/learning skills.

Shazia Ishrat & Farrukh Siddiqi


My son, Glen attended a private school for four years prior to coming to Cambridge International Academy in September, 2016. So the transition was easy for Glen because he was use to how a private school system operated. Glen was placed in a private school system to address his learning challenges. Glen's old private school was closing down and we did not know where to send our son to address his learning challenges. Cambridge International Academy was willing to take on all students and the students with learning disabilities from Glen's old school and was ready to accommodate all their needs. I was very impressed that they would do this. Glen was given an IEP and a tailored four year high school courses plan. Glen really enjoys going to school and he is very impressed with his teachers because they provide him with all the support and help that he needs. I find that the teachers are very devoted to Glen and want him to succeed in becoming a successful student by providing him help with his daily work, giving him extra help to succeed on his tests and exams. And they have a homework club to get extra help. I like the fact that the school year is broken down into four terms in the school year and they only have two subjects a day for two and a half hours each. This is a perfect environment for students who learn differently; they get all the one on one help all day long. And having a lot of time to learn the subject as well. The teachers also keep you informed on how your son (or daughter) are doing and what they are doing in class and encourage you to contact them if you have any concerns about your child. I feel very encouraged that my son will be successful and will have a bright future during and after attending Cambridge International Academy. Joanne Miatello

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