请问你们学校暑假开设了哪些课程?What courses does your school offer during summer ?
请问暑假课程上课的具体日期是什么?What are the specific dates for the summer courses?
课程有什么特色?What are the main features of the course?
课程是否每天都有?Are courses available every day?
怎么确定报名的课程适不适合我的孩子?How can I determine whether the enrolled course is suitable for my child?
课后有作业吗?Do teachers provide homework after class?
老师课后有没有反馈?Is there any feedback from the teacher after class?
9-12年级的学分课和非学分课有什么区别?费用一样吗?What is the differences between credit and non-credit courses in grades 9-12? Is the cost the same?
学校是否会开设新的课程?Will the school offer new courses?
如何报名及缴费?How to register and pay?
如果一家有两个或两个以上的孩子,同时报名有没有什么优惠?. If a family has two or more children, is there any discount for simultaneous registration?
九月份学校是否继续开设同类型的课程?Will the school continue to offer similar courses in September?
如果有问题,如何与老师或学校联系?If I have questions to ask, how can I contact the teacher or school?
暑假课程能不能只报两周或三周?Can I only register two- or three-weeks courses?
如果临时有事缺课怎么办?What should I do if I am absent from class temporarily?
怎么确定报名的课程适不适合我的孩子?How can I determine whether the enrolled course is suitable for my child?

报名英语Reading& Writing, 法语,数学课程,我校会在开课之前统一安排测试,根据测试结果对学生进行分班,实行分级教学。同时,对于所有的学生,我校都提供一次免费的试课机会,您可以通过试课,了解该课程是否适合您的孩子。

To register for English Reading & Writing, French, and Math courses, our school will arrange diagnostic tests prior to the start of the class to determine a student’s level. Cambridge will assign a particular class that aligns with a student’s academic level and teach accordingly. At the same time, for all students, our school provides a free trial lesson. You can find out whether the course is suitable for your child through the trial lesson.

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