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- Our Student - Student Testmonials - Mackie Gu’s Testimonial

I’m a Grade 11 student of Cambridge International Academy who just came to Canada two months ago which means I only have two-month study experience in this education system. I came to this high school to achieve my own goal which is to get accepted in an undergrad program at University of Toronto. Cambridge International Academy has a great amount of students and teachers who help me both in my studies and help me to adapt to my new Canadian life.

The unique point of this school is that we can relax and enjoy our life while we are studying. I especially like that the school year is divided into 4 terms which means I need to study two subjects each term. I feel I can better prepare for exams and won’t have a lot of school pressure because I feel I won’t be able to succeed. This is one special advantage at Cambridge International Academy.

In addition, school life at Cambridge is a lot of fun. We have a lot of activities. The teachers organize trips to the amusement park called Wonderland, the Auto Show, Blue Mountain, Art Studio, the Zoo and so much more. It’s helpful for me to know more about Canada and get used to this country. These activities are also fabulous to build friendship with classmates; it provides a chance for the students to make friends with each other.

I really enjoy my time at Cambridge International Academy. I both enjoy my subjects and social life. If I have friends that want to study aboard for high school, I recommend Cambridge International Academy to them and tell them this school is the first priority to school achievement.  


Mackie Gu

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