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- Our Student - Student Testmonials - Greg Zhu’s Testimonial

I came to Cambridge International Academy six months ago. Before I came here, all I was planning to achieve was just improving my language and getting prepared for the university. Surprisingly, I reached my goal quicker than I expected at Cambridge International Academy which has made me achieve much more progress than I ever thought of. I past the IETLS test with a 9 score in listening, an 8.5 in reading, and a 7.5 in overall WITHOUT ANY IETLS EXPERIENCE BEFORE. You want to know the secret? Come to Cambridge International Academy and find out! Worried about your language? No need to worry. Cambridge International Academy provides all new-to-Canada students full ESL curriculums and IETLS exam courses with our elite teachers, which are exactly the courses I took. I got my IETLS score with one month of study at Cambridge International Academy and that is my way to success. As an elite school, Cambridge International Academy not only cares about student’s academic development, they also help students. Personally speaking, I encountered a lot of difficulties about living in Canada. Luckily, all the teachers at Cambridge International Academy are willing to help. My academic teachers provide me advice and tips; other employees offer me all kinds of help on different situations. For example, they help new students setup their bank card, apply for their visa, and manage their accommodations. The unique part of the school is about our activities. We have different things to do every Friday; sometimes it is a field trip, a camping trip, or an interactive game. All the students and teachers get involved, and we always have lots of fun. Personally, that is my favourite part of Cambridge International Academy. It really helps us explore our life better. To sum up, just as the school guaranteed, my experience in Cambridge International Academy is a way to success! I would recommend Cambridge International Academy to my friends every time when I hear some of them are planning to come to Canada, now, you are the next! You want to be a success? “Cambridge International Academy is the place."


Greg Zhu

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