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When you change how you read and write, you change your life!

Cambridge International Academy is pleased to have the award-winning computer programs, Reading Plus and MyLexia available to students. We are the ONLY ONE to provide this program in Durham Region. The two web-based programs improve a student’s reading comprehension, reading fluency, academic vocabulary, and written expression. Reading Plus is at the forefront changing how students read, why students read, and what students are capable of reading by scaffolding comprehension tasks while igniting curiosity and making reading efficient and enjoyable.

Reading Plus brings over 80 years of research and innovation to improve a student's reading and writing skills. Reading Plus and MyLexia allow for personalized and dynamically adjusted instruction which encourages independence, broadens interests, and builds knowledge. The programs use a unique assessment to determine a student's comprehension, vocabulary, and silent reading rate development. The programs determine an individual path for each student.

For Elementary Students, Reading Plus includes word recognition and recall, teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and improves reading comprehenion and writing skills.

For High School Students, Reading Plus promotes independent reading skills, aids in test taking, supports academic success and challenges students' reading and writing skills to post secondary education.


I'm a senior and thankful for Reading Plus. It has helped me in many ways, reading faster and where I need to be. I am more focused and at a higher reading level. Thank you Reading Plus Team! Elizia Valencia

I enjoy Reading Plus a lot. It is like a game. You read at one level and the more you read, the higher levels you pass. Jason

I cannot stop reading! Reading Plus is a terrific tool to help build my reading and writing skills! Cindy

Register with Cambridge International Academy to train on Reading Plus or MyLexia at the school or at home. For further detailed information how this program can help your child, visit their websites at: and

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