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Cambridge International Academy’s Scholarship of Distinction Awards are awarded to high school students who have displayed excellence at school, engaged in their community, and/or remained steadfast to achieve personal goals.  

The Scholarships are awarded to students who have been role models at Cambridge International Academy. They display leadership qualities by having the courage and self-confidence to do the right thing versus what is popular or convenient. They are determined to accomplish their goals and don’t allow setbacks to get in their way. 

$2000.00 Scholarship of Distinction Award:

The recipient for the $2000.00 Scholarship of Distinction goes to the individual who always delivers on his commitments. There are neither excuses nor exceptions. He is an honour student who continues to challenge himself, to take a proactive approach in his studies, and not to mention a very talented artist.  He has an overall GPA above 90%, he passed the rigorous IELTS Test with an overall band score of 7.5 He will continue to take credit courses this summer so that he can graduate in the early Spring and spend quality time with his family and friends back home in China before heading to Post Secondary Education. Congratulations to Greg Zhu!

$1000.00 Scholarship of Distinction Awards:

The recipient for the $1000.00 Scholarship of Distinction Award goes to the individual who is tenacious in her studies. She too passed the rigorous IELTS Test with an overall Band Score of 6.5 and obtained an overall GPA of 94%. She received an acceptance from University of Toronto. Since she is resolute to achieve her academic goals, we want to recognize her excellent abilities and goal oriented attitude.  Congratulations to Jessica Yu.    

The recipient for the $1000.00 Scholarship of Distinction Award goes to a stellar individual who not only achieves outstanding academic results but also displays leadership qualities.  He is well liked by his peers; he too passed the IELTS Test, and has a GPA above 90%. This individual received an acceptance from all universities he has applied to but decided to accept the invitation from University of Toronto. Congratulations to Honghao Lin.

$500.00 Scholarship of Distinction Awards:

The recipient for the $500.00 Scholarship of Distinction Award goes to an individual who is academically focused and will work day and night to learn more vocabulary, and to understand complex concepts to obtain a GPA of 90%. The award goes to the individual who received acceptances from McMaster, Guelph, and Waterloo University. She has accepted to attend Waterloo in the Life Science Program. Congratulations to Winsky Han.

The recipient for the $500.00 Scholarship of Distinction Award goes to an individual who is a young man who has integrity and is able to build trusting relationships with his peers. This individual is not afraid to ask questions to clarify understanding, and he gives good efforts in all his subjects. He received an acceptance from York University in Business Economics as well as University of Toronto at the Mississauga Campus in the Business Commerce Program. Congratulations to Mike Yu.

$300.00 Scholarship of Distinction Awards: 

This individual worked so well this year to realize his academic goals and even had time to run our student council. He is outgoing, super friendly, talkative, humorous, and a terrific dancer. The individual got accepted to UOIT in Software Engineering. The award goes to Richard Said.

This individual is an expert at Computer Science. He eats, breathes, and sleeps computer coding. He is passionate about life, his friends, and still has time to pay attention to his studies receiving a GPA of 89%. He received offers from McMaster and Waterloo University in the Mathematics and Computer Science Programs. The award goes to Jake Xie.    

This individual is a beautiful, intelligent, stylish, and talented young lady. She is a strong independent learner who achieved a GPA above 85%.  In her spare time she enjoys to sing and to dance. She helped with the community’s Chinese New Year in Pickering and in Oshawa. We are pleased she received an acceptance from Waterloo University in the Environmental Science Program. The award goes to Ellie Yang.

This individual is outgoing, friendly, respected, intelligent, charming, well liked by her peers, and as we discovered this term, a talented seamstress.  She is able to find a good balance between her academic studies and her social life. She received a GPA above 85%. This individual received an offer from Waterloo University in the Life Science Program. The award goes to Ivy Zhu.

This individual is a sociable and forthcoming young man, who has set his goals on engineering from a very young age. He has an inquisitive mind especially in the areas of Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, and Math Functions, as well as a high interest in computer gaming. This individual received a GPA of 90% and has been acceptance from McMaster University in the Chemical Engineering Program. We have no doubt he will have great successes in his career. The award goes to Sam Yang.

This individual is a mature young man who is well respected by his peers. He has a mathematical mind and is interested to pursue Business Studies. He has impeccable time management skills to help him experience school success. He has achieved a GPA above 90% and has been accepted from York University in the Business Economics Program. The award goes to Rick Guo.   


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