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- Our Student - Success Stories

Every student learns in his or her own way.Ontario's high schools are working with communities, employers, colleges, universities and training centres to offer more ways than ever to help students focus on their interests and support their learning.

This means meeting the needs, interests and strengths of all students, engaging them in learning and better preparing them for graduation and beyond.

  WANG, Qingzhu - University of Ottawa
  LIN, Zexuan - University of Toronto
  PAN, Peijun - University of Toronto Scarborough
  ZHANG, Tianyu - University of Torobnto Scarborough
  LI, Boliang - York University
  MIAO, Xingyu - University of Toronto Scarborough
  HU, Shengfan - University of Toronto Scarborough
  YU, Hao - York University
  YU, Daren - Carleton University
  WANG, Zekai - University of Toronto Scarborough Coop Management
  QIU, Yewei - Western University
  LI, Sinuo - OCAD University
  ZHANG, Ruohan - University of Toronto Rotman
  FAN Weixiao&FAN Weimiao - Ontario College of Art and Design
  MA, Yuanhao - University of Waterloo
  LIU,Yiming - University of Waterloo
  YU, Wenzhong- University of Waterloo
  MA, Mingcong- Centennial College
  Jia - Waterloo University
  SHAN, Xiaoquan - University of Toronto
  ZENG, Zitong - University of Toronto - Management Program
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