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- About Us - Our Mission

Cambridge International Academy is a co-educational private day school, offering Reach Ahead Credits, University and College preparatory programs, and Cooperative Education opportunities. We challenge our students to reach their academic best by acquiring a solid work ethic, learning best study practices, and improving their organizational skills.

Our Mission: At Cambridge International Academy, we cater to the individual needs, talents, and interests of students by customizing their academic pathways. We assist students to reach their highest level of academic achievement by utilizing renowned educational resources that are relevant and engaging. Lastly, our educators adopt a holistic approach to learning that establishes positive student relationships and helps to develop autonomous and responsible learners.  

Our Vision: Central to the school’s philosophy is the belief that all students are capable of success. At Cambridge International Academy, we empower students to become independent thinkers able to work effectively with others and be inspired by a lifelong curiosity. In partnership with parents, we help students to attain their academic potential and to cultivate transferable skills such as responsibility, leadership, perseverance, and motivation so that they thrive economically and socially in a competitive global market. 

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