What courses does your school offer during summer ?
What are the specific dates for the summer courses?
What are the main features of the course?
Are courses available every day?
How can I determine whether the enrolled course is suitable for my child?
Do teachers provide homework after class?
Is there any feedback from the teacher after class?
What is the differences between credit and non-credit courses in grades 9-12? Is the cost the same?
Will the school offer new courses?
How to register and pay?
If a family has two or more children, is there any discount for simultaneous registration?
Will the school continue to offer similar courses in September?
If I have questions to ask, how can I contact the teacher or school?
Can I only register two- or three-weeks courses?
What should I do if I am absent from class temporarily?
- Academy - 2021 Spring Virtual Elenmentary and High school Afterschool Program
Courses & Outline Teaching Demos Timetable
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Cambridge International Academy  now accepts online registration for Virtual  Elenmentary and High school Afterschool Program for January-June, 2021



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